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~ Dedication to my mom, Gloria Frederick ~
My writing influence came from my mother who at age 21 was a writer for the Associated Press in Los Angeles, California. Her job was to interview movie stars and write reviews for national publication. My mom had lunch with many famous actors including Elizabeth Taylor, age 16 when she starred in "National Velvet".

Sincerely, Ginger Frederick

Counseling and Creative Therapy

"Finding your missing piece"
Counseling and Creative Therapy
Ginger Frederick, M.S., Therapist

"Strawberries and Cream"
Introduction to Descriptive Prose

I began writing as a way for me to heal during difficult times in my life. Writing descriptive prose gave me hope and inspiration.

My process of writing is to "paint with the use of descriptive words". The beautiful and positive scenes are characteristic of paintings. Visualizing scenes of landscapes, still lifes and portraits flow from one image to another. My goal is to showcase a "gallery of images" within a short story. My writings are meant to be purely artistic and lyrical; delightful music to ones inner soul.

The poetic vignette "Strawberries and Cream" was written therapeutically in 1990. I began studying English and American Literature and became extremely interested in the human condition. I now have a collection of 100 classic novels in my library. I spent years journaling my feelings, struggles and successes.

As a result of my spiritual development and insight into myself and the world, I went on to obtain a Master of Science in Art Therapy (and Counseling). As a counselor I was then in the position of giving back to humanity and to help others who were suffering. A decision which felt so gratifying. I hope you enjoy my writing and that it gives you a glimmer of peace and serenity.

~ Sincerely, Ginger Frederick


Composed and drawn by
Ginger Frederick

        The harmony of simple, beautiful objects, shapes
        and colors and how they relate to each other in
        prose is an effort to evoke a feeling of sincere beauty.

Strawberries and Cream

"Strawberries and Cream"

    It is peaceful and sunny on this early crisp morning in Westchester Village. The white blossoms on green apple trees are beginning to bloom and tadpoles are starting to form in a little stream nearby. The sounds of a horse carriage on a cobblestone path faintly occur in the background.

    In the middle of the village is Harvard Square with beautiful lampposts on each corner and surrounded by pink geraniums. Here is where all the fine shops are located, such as the millinery. All the buildings are of colonial style with red brick and black shutters.

    On one side of the square is a little English cafe, called "Biscuits", decorated with fine linen on cherry wood tables. A bouquet of red roses and a carafe of water with sliced lemon are placed in the center of each table.

    There is an entrance parlor door designed in stained glass. Inside the parlor there are ornate gold framed paintings, Queen Anne furniture and Oriental rugs. The corners are filled with large palm plants. The whole room is set with a dark heavy wood paneling.

    An older gentleman, nicely dressed and wearing spectacles, sits by himself. He leans back in his chair while smoking his pipe and reading The New York Times. A table to his left on which rests a green Tiffany lamp, a family portrait and a carafe of whiskey on a silver tray. On the other side of the room is a secretary desk filled with old books of philosophy and art. A colorful fire crackles in the fireplace. In one corner is a grand baby piano where a man is playing Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21.

    Entering the cafe stands a dessert cart filled with seven-layer double chocolate cake, peach cobbler torte and cherry cheesecake.

    By the main window is a young couple engaging in friendly conversation. The young women is a beautiful brunette and very slim with a tiny waist. She is wearing a lacey full-length light blue dress with long sleeves and puffy shoulders. There is a gorgeous brooch pin on her high lace collar. And hanging from her neck is a strand of pearls. Her hair is held up loosely with soft strands around her face. She is also wearing a huge fancy hat titled to the side with large blue feathers and silk flowers. On the table are her gloves and fan along with her cape and small beaded purse.

    The attractive gentleman she is with is elegantly attired wearing a black suit with a bow tie. He has also placed his black hat to one side of the table. In his upper pocket is a red handkerchief, and a pocket watch hangs from his black vest.

    Their table is filled with a basket of freshly baked blueberry and bran muffins with orange marmalade and prune jam. A fresh pot of hot coffee sits in the middle, and each of them is served a bowl of strawberries and cream.

    From the window one sees a little park composed of weeping willow trees, a gazebo and children playing tag on the grass. Little girls are dressed in white with ribbons in their long wavy hair while little boys wear knickers. Another young boy rides his bicycle.

    Beyond is a breathtaking view of Lake Coral. A couple are casually boating and while the young man is rowing the boat, the young woman uses her white umbrella to cover herself from the bright sun. A group of ducks swim in single file close by, creating reflections and waves of turquoise, green and gold.

    The sound of rain drops are now heard upon the roof. And outside the townspeople scurry about for shelter. It is also nearing dusk for the orange sun is dipping behind the hills far into the horizon.

Strawberries and Cream
Strawberries and Cream
Strawberries and Cream
Strawberries and Cream Strawberries and Cream